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on this wednesday morning with a forecast. >> we are tracking heat and humidity from the belfort furniture weather center. very uncomfortable. high temperatures in the mid 90's, but it will feel like 105. 76 in arlington right now, 71 in berryville 78 at reagan national. a few patchy clouds today. we cannot not rule out a straight thunderstorm especially west of the metro area later this afternoon and evening. high temperatures in the mid 90's. 100 degrees tomorrow. hot and humid. it will feel like, about 111 when you factor in the humidity tomorrow. we will likely have an excessive heat warning thursday through saturday in the afternoons as temperatures will be at or above 100. it will feel like between 110 and 115.
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that is dangerous. back to you. >> thank you. we are following more breaking news for the second day in a row involving a police cruiser and another vehicle. let's take a look at traffic. >> oscar wilson is standing by with more on that. >> this is on glebe road, closed in both directions at washington boulevard. you can expect delays through there this morning. they will be on the scene for quite awhile. all lanes are blocked due to the earlier accident at glebe road at washington boulevard. there's another blockage, georgia avenue closed in both directions at shorefield road closed due to open a broken water main. that's no. of arcola avenue -- north of arcola. back to you. >> thank you. our other top story a
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mysterious death and the hunt for missing man. >> fairfax county police looking for who shot and killed an elderly man in springfield and looking for the victim's missing adult son. gary hanson's body was found in the 7600 block of chancellor way. >> i saw four armed officers with shotguns on my front lawn. >> residents of this west springfield neighborhood came home to an unsettling sight on tuesday evening if police with high-powered rifles scouring their neighborhood. >> is said to go inside and lock your doors. >> they killed a man who has lived here for decades, found around 6:00, suffered a stroke while back and did not do anything deserve this. >> they've always been helpful neighbors, helped clean their driveway during the storms. kind of a shock to see this. >> as the search continued
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outside, detectives spent hours inside gathering clues. >> looking out the window we did know looking out the window and lock the doors just in case someone was trying to get in to hide. >> the victim's son is named richard hanson a white male, last seen driving a gray saturn four-dour sedan. he is not a person of interest in the case, but he simply does not have his medication. in the day ahead, a former marine reservist charged in a series of shootings at military buildings as a preliminary hearing today. yonathan melaku is set to appear in court in loudoun county on an unrelated grand larceny charge. he was arrested last month in connection with a terrace near near the pentagon. he was linked to last fall's shooting. player representatives from all 32 nfl teams will gather in
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washington today to review proposed collective bargaining agreement that would end the lockout. there's a report they may not vote on the agreement today because it is not finalized. british lawmakers will ask more tough questions about the phone hacking and bribery scandal today but prime minister david cameron will be answering them. he has been criticized for hiring former editor of rupert murdoch's news of the world tabloid to be his communications chief. it was dramatic yesterday in court when lawmakers heard from rupert murdoch. a man carrying plates of shaving cream stormed at the media mogul. the protester was arrested. rupert murdoch and his son james said that they were not aware of phone hacking or other illegal activities at their british
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newspapers. the airports authority will meet today to consider reversing its decision to build an underground station at dulles airport. the u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood once the station built above ground. that changed in addition to others could save a billion dollars. 5:05, 76 degrees on this wednesday. >> still ahead the debt standoff, a house takes action. the white house threatens a veto. we will have the latest. >> first, the extreme heat
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welcome back, everyone. continue to follow breaking news from arlington. a police cruiser collided with another car sending both drivers to the hospital and bringing traffic to a standstill. >> we have coverage beginning with jummy olabanji at intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road. what can you telos? -- tell us? >> intersection will probably be closed for the next several hours. a detective from the arlington police department is with us. what happens? >> at 2:15 this morning, an
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officer was responding to a call and was involved with a vehicle collision. >> how is the officer of this morning as well as? >> the officer is in serious condition at a local hospital. the driver of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. she was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> any idea which way the officer was traveling? and where the lights and sirens on? >> we believe he was traveling south on north glebe road towards ballston mall. >>it is still under investigation. if you usually traveled through glebe road and washington boulevard, we would like to turn off maybe lee highway 0 wilson
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boulevard those would be alternate routes. >> thank you so much, detective. the officer is 40-years years old and is a five-year veteran. reporting from arlington, jummy olabanji. >> thanks very much. now to oscar wilson. >> you heard about that accident earlier. glebe road is shut down at washington boulevard in both directions. find another route, if you can. they will be there probably all of this morning. let's take you to georgia avenue where there's a water main break. shut down at shorefield road in both directions. they're setting up some kind of detour. if you can avoid that stretch, we recommend it. now adam caskey. hot and uncomfortable today.
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even more uncomfortable over the next couple days. let's get to the temperature is on this wednesday morning. 77 in arlington 72 in bowie 77 at reagan national. 72 in fredericksburg. high humidity today. high temperatures in the mid 90's. it will feel 10 degrees warmer in with the humidity. you cannot rule out a straight thunderstorm especially in the and hired to rain later on today. it will feel like 111 tomorrow, dangerous heat all the way through saturday afternoon. near record breaking heat at dulles airport on friday and saturday. >> it's hard to believe it could get worse. 5:11 on this wednesday morning. >> all about apple. a major announcement following a record earnings report.
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and rumors about who could succeed steve jobs in the company's top spot. >> is congres
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we begin our top stories with breaking news. a major arlington intersection is shut down while police investigated overnight crash. if an officer of's cruiser collided with a car at washington boulevard and glebe road. both drivers hospitalized. the intersection expected to be closed for much of the morning. a fairfax county neighborhood is on edge after an elderly man was murdered. the 75-year-old gray saturn four-dour sedan was shot to death at his springfield home. and investigators are searching for his son, was missing. much of the country is baking in the extreme heat. many areas are seeing temperatures over 100 degrees as people are doing all they can to stay cool.
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the heat has been blamed for more than a dozen deaths already. new developments in the debt showdown. president obama says congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle will start talking turkey as soon as today. >> the house passed a deal to raise the debt limit and require a balanced budget amendment. democrats say the plan is a no go. karen travers has details. good morning. >> good morning. at the clock ticks down to the august 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling, there is a glimmer of optimism in washington. yesterday a bipartisan group of senators announced a plan that would cut at least three trillion dollars from the deficit. they would achieve that through spending cuts to medicare, medicaid and so security, and closing tax loopholes. -- cuts to social security. americans outside the beltway are fed up.
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a new poll found 80% of americans are dissatisfied and angry with the federal government. that is a 20-year high. this is a third daymore americans put the blame on senate republicans and president obama. every reed says it's possible today president obama will convene another? session with leaders. that would be the first meeting in nearly a week. i am karen travers. back to you. >> thank you. the debt crisis will be a top of the president's mind when he visits college park on the weekend. the school will release a limited number of tickets. no word on the topic so far. the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on a bill today to overturn the defense of marriage act. the 1996 law defines marriage as between man and woman. california democrat dianne
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feinstein, the sponsor of the bill says it probably will not pass but at today's hearing is a good first step. apple's future and mac's next-generation. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> for another big day for apple. the company today releases its new macintosh operating system. it brings features from the iphone and ipad and marked the first time apple has released an operating system that updates primarily through downloads. some members of the apple board of directors is looking -- are looking at whi might succeed steve jobs as the ceo. hesteve jobs called those discussions hogwash. google is looking for ways to sign up celebrities for a service while keeping out
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impersonators. twitter already has a system in place to authenticate celebrity accounts but facebook does not. i am rob nelson. let's look at the weather and traffic. >> adam caskey. >> i want to start with weather camp. they visited me yesterday. it's a program for middle school and high-school students coordinated by howard university with a dozen sites around the country. this is their flagship camp. they developed key learning and communication skills and the network in the community, which is what we did yesterday. budding meteorologist out there. i wish something like that had been around when i was younger.
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i definitely would have attended. thanks for coming by. excessive heat watch tomorrow afternoon. hot and uncomfortable today. even worse tomorrow, into the dangerous levels especially by tomorrow afternoon. i anticipate that to be an excessive heat warning for not just tomorrow afternoon, but friday and saturday afternoons. 77 downtown currently 76 at dulles, 70 in martinsburg. clear skies overhead, dew points in the low 70's' which is oppressive. expect tomorrow to fill 10 degrees warmer than actual air temperature when you factor in the humidity. clear skies in d.c., with a thunderstorm complex dissipating in michigan and northern indiana. we could have faced a storm this afternoon and evening especially farther west of the metro area in the higher elevations.
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the vast majority of us will be dry. 95 is the high temperatures today, but it will feel like 105. we will be at or of the century mark the next few days from thursday through saturday. it will feel like about 110-115 in the afternoons over the next few days. dangerous levels. the next chance of storms is monday. the cold front will be giving us a little relief, the upper 80's by tuesday. we are still looking at the same two major issues this morning. glebe road in both directions shutdown at washington boulevard in arlington. expect them to be on the scene for most of the morning. you might want to take an alternate route or avoid that at all cost. let's take you to wheaton where georgia avenue is closed in both directions at shorefield road
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north of arcola. they are turning people around and just south of vaccine. they are being diverted back into the other direction on georgia avenue. if you want to avoid that stretch. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21, 74 degrees on this wednesday. cracks coming up, the nationals have their seesaw season continuing. the ups and downs from last night in houston. >> today on "oprah," look and feel 20 years younger, 4:00 on abc 7.
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he is fired up. he is launching. >> amazing video, from a recent motocross race. the man became separated from his bike and flew 50 feet in the air. amazingly, he got back on the bike and went on to finish in fifth place. quite a trooper. >> that looked painful. he got the wind knocked out of them. no surprise. tim brant has the rest of this morning sports. >> the nationals continuing to show growing pains. when jimmy riddle men left, the nationals had won 13 of 15 games. davey johnson is 8 and 11 after losing last night to houston and is trying to get them over the hump. the nationals down 2-0.
5:25 am
a fly ball to left field by michael morse. his second in two nights. harrison there. a two-run shot. washington was battling against the astros. singles home a couple of runs. houston beat the nationals 76. have a great day. 74 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, the last day in space for the shuttle atlantis. >> hthot and uncomfortable today, but it gets worse the next couple days with
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live and in hd this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead breaking news. for the second time in two days a police cruiser has plowed into another car sending both drivers to the hospital. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 20. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for being with us. we want to begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. bracing for the worst. >> it's only going to get worse. mid 90's today. with the humidity levels it will feel like about 10 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature. keep that in mind when you check
5:29 am
the backyard thermometer. add an extra 10 degrees. 77 in the district, 70 in winchester 75 in frederick. 95 this afternoon, but it will feel like 105 with the humidity. we cannot rule out a straight thunderstorm in the west of this area later on today. mere record-breaking heat to the next couple days with highs at or above 100. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 110-114. dangerously high heat. that will finally breaks early next week. following breaking news from arlington. a police cruiser collided with another car. >> this happened at the intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road. that's where jummy olabanji has the late-breaking details. good morning. >> good morning. i can tell you that this intersection remains closed at this hour. i don't know if you can see
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behind me that there is one car in the intersection. that was the second car involved. on the other side is the police officer's cruiser sitting in front of an apartment building. what we know from arlington police is this happened around 2:15 in the morning. the officer was responding to reports of an altercation at ballston mall. he was on his way to respond to the call in the accident happened in this intersection. the accident reconstruction team is still on the scene trying to piece together what happened, where the cars were going. they don't know if speed or alcohol were a factor with either of the cars. the officer was taken to the hospital in serious condition. he is 40 years old and a five- year veteran of the arlington police department. the woman driver of the other car was taken to the hospital as a precaution. this accident will impact the morning rush hour. here's what an arlington police
5:31 am
officer had to say. >> intersection will be shut down. we are trying to reconstruct the accident to make sure we get all the details before we reopen it. people need to think about what the next main road or next main intersection is on the way they are traveling. whether that would be the highway as a good alternate or george mason boulevard. >> arlington police are expecting alternate routes in this area will, also, be slammed with traffic. you will want to leave a little early. we have seen a lot of folks making a u-turn and that is slowing down traffic as well. it's best to avoid this area altogether and find another way around. reporting live in arlington, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. oscar wilson has looked at the rest of the traffic. it's already busy. >> that's right. glebe road, an accident with
5:32 am
people being diverted, that a shutdown in both directions between north fairfax drive and washington boulevard. they are investigating for most of this morning. georgia avenue closed in both directions at shorefield road due to a water main breaks in wheaton. they are turning people around back onto georgia avenue. also, if you are headed up 95 in maryland after route 198 in laurel, there's an accident reported. exercise caution this morning. back to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, in fairfax county police are looking for whoever shot and killed a springfield man and they are searching for the shooting victim the victim's son. >> the 7600 block of chancellor way the 75-year-old gray saturn
5:33 am
four-dour sedan was shot. >> police began searching for an armed killer last night. they were carrying powerful rifles and that caused quite a scare as they told people to stay inside their homes. gray saturn four-dour sedan was shocked debt -- the 75-year-old gary hanson was shot to death. and police are looking for their son richard hanson because he does not have his medication with them. he was last seen driving a gray saturn four-dour sedan. if anyone has information on the case, police are asking for
5:34 am
your help. a gunman shot a man in northwest washington last night around 7:00 in the 1400 block of columbia road. the victim is hospitalized. no word on his condition code what led to the shooting. police are looking for that gun and. the former marine reservist charged in shootings and military buildings is scheduled in court today in loudoun county. yonathan melaku will have a preliminary hearing on an unrelated grand larceny charge. if he was arrested last month in connection with a terrace near near the pentagon. then authorities linked him to a the shootings at the military buildings. the airports authority will meet today to consider reversing its decision to build an underground station at dulles airport. transportation secretary ray lahood once the station built above ground. that change plus others would save about a billion dollars. d.c. mayor vincent gray is urging the airports authority to reconsider as well. two weeks before a potential
5:35 am
default, congress may be closing in on a deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit. >> on this vote the yeas are 234 and the nays are 190, the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for massive spending cuts. it's not expected to pass the senate. a bipartisan senate plan would close some tax loopholes and make cuts to medicare and social security. president obama praised that plan. maryland and virginia could feel the fallout from a potential government default. moody's will probably lower their credit rating if it downgraded the u.s. credit rating. bob mcdonnell, the been the governor -- the virginia governor, is not happy about that. now to the phone hacking scandal in britain, david cameron will be in the hot seat today.
5:36 am
british lawmakers will question the prime minister about hiring the former editor of the news of the world tabloid to be its communications chief. lawmakers questioned rupert murdoch yesterday. attorney general eric holder says that he would welcome a meeting with families of 9/11 victims who are concerned that their funds may have been hacked. the fbi is investigating whether news corp. targeted 9/11 victims and whether any laws make an unbroken. all systems are go for the space shuttle atlantis' final landing. the astronauts tested the flight systems and everything checked out perfectly. atlantis is scheduled to land at the kennedy space center at 5:56 tomorrow morning. nasa says the forecast is looking great so far. that's different from when it took off. >> fortunately, they got caught off in time. our temperatures today 94
5:37 am
degrees already. 5:36 is the time. >> are your favorite restaurant tipping the scales when it comes to calories? who wins this year's winseating award. >> sizzling temperatures in our area still climbing. >> and other tech of traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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i am crystal with the ocean city beach patrol. digging holes in the sand can be dangerous. no deeper than the knees. >> good morning, washington. wednesday morning 5:40. already in the 70's new this morning. -- 70's this morning. clear skies right now over the washington area. a thunderstorm complex falling apart over lake michigan. clear skies but very hazy. this is the view from the naval academy looking east over the severn river into the chesapeake bay. clear, but very hazy, that's because of the humidity. temperatures in the 70's. 77 at reagan national currently. high temperature of 95, but it
5:41 am
will feel like 105 when you factor in the humidity. add another eight degrees or so to give you what it feels like. ) 80 degrees downtown tonight. 100 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. dangerous heat from thursday through saturday. now to breaking traffic. glebe road sent down in both directions between north fairfax drive and george washington boulevard due to the accident from last night involving the police cruiser. police will be investigating for most of the morning. you will want to avoid that stretch or find a detour. let's take you to wheaton where georgia avenue shut down in both directions between shorefield road and --.
5:42 am
they're turning people around on georgia avenue. 95 in laurel is shutdown. 95 northbound through newington has slowed traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42 74 degrees. >> coming up on this wednesday morning, martin sheen on capitol hill, what he wants from congress. >> getting ready to battle the brutal heat in our region and the impact it's already havin
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welcome back, everyone. breaking news, a busy arlington intersection shutdown while police investigate an accident involving one of their own. if an officer posing a cruiser and a car collided at washington boulevard and glebe road. the officer and the car's driver
5:46 am
are hospitalized. the area could be closed several hours. a bipartisan plan to reduce the debt is gaining support. chinese basketball great ming is retiring after eight years in the nba. he's had a series of injuries that forced him to retire from basketball. he 200 has played 206 games over the past years. people in our area are gearing up for climbing temperatures. >> the midwest is already coping with extreme heat. brianne carter joins us with what we can expect for the next few days. it's going to be hot. >> absolutely. we are feeling the humidity already at this early hour.
5:47 am
the air is very thick and it's only going to get worse over the next three days. people already in the midwest are dealing with extreme heat. heat indexes of appeals 120. -- heat indexes of up to 120. >> it feels like the air is thick and it's hard to breed. >> miserable. the worst is yet to come. >> i cannot imagine how much worse decline to get. >> potentially dangerous conditions outdoors all across our region. >> i want to be indoors with a cold bottle of water and i'm not stepping outside for anything. >> however, people in the midwest are feeling the pain already where temperatures have sat or broken -- set or broken
5:48 am
records. the roads are buckling from texas to phoenix. >> concrete expanse in the heat and it does not have any place to go. it has no choice but to pop- up. >> the heat is having an impact on crops across the midwest and that could translate into higher prices for on many things like produce. meanwhile, in our area, d.c. fire says they have seen an increase in calls over the past two days and they expect to see more of that in the coming days. brianne carter reporting from the national mall. >> thank you. >>we want to know what you are doing to beat the heat during this weather or any severe weather. send them to last. >-- to us. 5 people injured after a large tree branch landed on top of them are out of the hospital.
5:49 am
excel, on a bible camp group. the pastor says two man and three children were discharged last night and their injuries were not life-threatening. there's been an increase in vehicle break-ins at metro's parking facilities along the blue red and orange lines. last thursday there were 19 break-ins. of or at the largo town center drive, and others at addison road. and there was one at a vienna, one at the white flint and one at fort totten. they may have been related. martin sheen was on capitol hill yesterday to call on congress to keep funding the nation's drug courts. the actor also got some questions as to what his son charlie is up to now.
5:50 am
>> charlie sheen is set to star in a new sitcom called "tanker management" based on a movie starring jack nicholson. 5:50 is the time. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey. >> hide and uncomfortable. -- hot and uncomfortable. suppressive over the next couple days, thursday through saturday. heat will be at dangerous levels. i don't say that often, but it is. if you just after exercise outside the, go very early. very early in the morning. even then it will be very muggy. probably have morning low temperatures at 80 degrees and that is around sunrise at 6:00
5:51 am
a.m. over the next couple days. there is the excessive heat watch in effect tomorrow afternoon and evening. i expect that to be upgraded to an excessive heat warnings for tomorrow afternoon and evening and probably will be read issued friday and saturday. the heat index will be between 110 and 115 from a thursday through saturday. 77 downtown right now. dew points innings low 70's so very uncomfortable in terms of humidity. we consider this oppressive humidity. it's up to the individual to decide what is uncomfortable. we have clear skies overhead right now. a sunshine for the day. dissipating and a strong complex over lake michigan will continue to fall apart. but we could have a few
5:52 am
thunderstorms mainly north and west of us in the blue ridge later today. garden variety. 95 is a high temperature expected today but it will feel like 105 with the humidity. tomorrow, 100 degrees for the high temperature but if when you factor in the humidity it will feel like 111. the general rule of thumb over the next few afternoons is to add an extra 8-10 to the air temperature and that will be the heat index value. finally breaking the heatwave by next week. we still have glebe road shut down in both directions in arlington between fairfax road and arlington boulevard with the accident from last night involving a police cruiser. that will be closed most of the morning while they investigate. also close, georgia avenue shutdown in both directions between shorefield road and henderson in wheaton due to a
5:53 am
broken water main. in maryland, 95 southbound, accident before route 198 in laurel, that's on the right shoulder. springfield interchange, traffic beginning to increase. 95 northbound is slowing between prince william and the occoquan river and between newington and springfield. back to you. >> thank you. lockheed martin is cutting more jobs, including in the d.c. area. >> for more on that and a preview of trading, linda bell is live at the bloomberg headquarters in new york. good to see you again. >> good to see you. stock-index futures indicating gains ahead of this morning's opening bell. lockheed martin, more jobs on the chopping block as the defense contractor says it's offering a voluntary buyout to 6500 workers at its headquarters which includes 2000 in the d.c. area. based on the number of volunteers, then it will
5:54 am
determine whether or not they will have to make involuntary cuts. nissan is expanding sales of the electorate nissan leaf to more than nine states next month, including virginia maryland, and washington, d.c. popularity is increasing for the vehicle. they sold 3800 of them. nissan is raising the price by 7%. it will cost $35,000 for the 2012 model but it qualifies for $7,500 federal tax credit. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 75 degrees on this wednesday, 5
5:55 am
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7 on your side. an extreme eating award winner. >> the average person should consume too thousand calories and 20 grams of saturated fat in an entire day but the cheesecake factory farm house cheeseburger as 1,500 calories and 36 grams of fat. the peanut butter and chocolate shipshape has over 2,000 calories and 68 grams of saturated fat. >> that shaped is like drinking
5:58 am
two 16-ounce t-bonds' stakes and a baked potato. >> these meals contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. >> apple be's fettuccine with cheese stuffed meatballs is another meal that you may want to skip. -- applebee's.
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